Friday, July 2, 2010

Oranje Mania!!!!

The country is deep deep DEEP in OranjeMadness. For their national soccer team playing at the World Cup. Everywhere people are wearing orange on the days the team plays. There are decorations everywhere, special orange foods for's insane!  Here is a picture of the street next to ours.

the entire block decked out

One house even has a tent set up in their tiny front lawn (just behind the red car down the street)! They put their tv outside to watch the games, and have a party. One thing you can't say about the Dutch is that they don't have any national pride in their sports teams.

Today is another game. In fact, it's starting right now. Netherlands are playing against Brazil. Brazil is favored to win (cuz they're really good), but hopefully the Dutch will pull a miracle out of somewhere and win it.

This is the 2nd round of games, out of...what... 4? I can't remember. Here in our house we have watched every game possible. Well... one of us has. I started out watching them all (or most of them), but after the 12th or 13th game, I got a little tired of them. But this one I think I'll go watch, since it's my adopted country. And the USA is out now anyways, so rooting for The Netherlands is the next best thing!

Hup Holland Hup!!!


edit: Well, whaddya know. There was indeed a miracle (thanks to a Brazilian player and his hitting it into his own goal!) and the Dutch won, 2-1. More Orange Madness! Yippee!!!

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