Thursday, July 15, 2010

A nation in mourning

Orange Madness turned to Orange Sadness.

We lost our World Cup final game. Darnit. The guys on the team were so sure that they could pull it off too. Oh well. 2nd place in the world is still good. You'll get 'em next time, guys!

The weather finally broke here. I thought it would never get here! But on Wednesday afternoon, this was what the radar looked like.

We're under the smaller bottom red storm cell

Luckily I was already home from work (since I have to walk from the bus stop). The wind was TERRIBLE. Scary terrible. Later we heard on the news about all the trees down everywhere, and somewhere north of us an electrical tower bent in half. YIKES! And downtown, I just saw on my way home tonight, that a tree at a usually very busy bus stop fell over onto the bus stop shelter! I don't think that anyone was hurt (we didn't hear of any injuries from that on the news. At least not yet.), thankfully. And also further north in a camping ground there were a dozen or more campers that got picked up by the wind, and deposited in the lake. With people still in them. Yes, there were injuries (and worse) in that event, unfortunately.

Everywhere else were there branches down, leaves blowing everywhere etc. This is what it looked like at work today.

branches everywhere up and down our street

It was over quickly though, and today the weather is just beautiful. Low 70s, and light wind. A perfect day.

I hope everyone is having a good week. Any fun plans for the weekend? I think mine includes sleeping, since that hasn't been going well lately thanks to the heat here. But this weekend should be more comfortable at night. YAY!

Maybe it'll be cool enough to clean?

I kind of hope not, though.

Enjoy your weekend folks!!


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