Friday, July 9, 2010

Finally Friday

This felt like a really long week to me. Maybe because I was not very busy at work (for a switch!). Maybe because we have an appointment next Monday that I'm really excited about. Maybe because I knew it was going to get hot again at the end of the week. Whatever the reason, Friday took forever to get here. I'm very much looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Too bad it's going to be really hot again, and so it won't be a very comfortable sleep. But sleeping in is always good, no matter what.

Also something else to look forward to this weekend is the World Cup finals on Sunday (20:30 here, but check your local listings!). The Dutch team is in it! I was a little surprised that they won the last one, so if they win THIS one, then I'll be surprised again. I am wondering how much partying there will be if they win, too.  Wishing we had a garage to park the car in... On Wednesday, after the Spain-Germany game someone nearby set of a whole bunch of fireworks. It must have been someone from Spain, since they won! Will you be watching, and rooting for my adopted country's team?

Another thing this weekend is Ludi's sister's birthday. Everyone wish her a happy birthday!!!

Sounds like I'm really busy, doesn't it?

It feels strange to not have a picture in a post, so I'll show this one.

new stash

I ordered some yarn online from a Dutch hobby shop a while ago. It's been kind of too hot to do any hooking though, so I'm not sure when I'll finish this project and get to show you. I'll try to do it soon, though!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Stay cool!


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