Thursday, June 14, 2012

What is going on???

I think someone is trying to tear down our building. With a single hammer or chisel, and a drill.

I was woken up at the ungodly hour of 8:55 this morning (aah, such is the life of an unemployed woman) by a pounding sound. At first I thought it was the wench woman who lives above us, whose sole purpose in life is to annoy me. Upon further inspection, I realized it wasn’t her but someone else apparently doing some remodeling. With a hammer and chisel (I could hear the clinking when I was near the open kitchen window, but not when I was in the bedroom), and then a drill!  Drilling. In cement block walls.

Oh joy of joys.

My life is now complete.

In other news, the Frangiflutti with the birthday yarn is done! Wheeee!!!

kinda blurry scarf

For those of you who might want it, the pattern is on Ravelry (Frangiflutti), and for those of you who might want to know the yarn it’s Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Magico II, color number 3503.


edited to add: Found out later that the neighbor 3 doors down is getting some work done in his apartment. Don't know what he's having done though. Drilling through to the next apartment, perhaps? I'm guessing replacing tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, but don't quote me on that.