Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A little catching up

I have a huge list of post ideas. Huge. I wonder why I don't post more often?

Anyways, here's a little catch up post. We went on vacation in September. 3 weeks after we moved, we left for 2 1/2 weeks. It was great to leave all the boxes behind.

and live out of a suitcase.

We went to the US (of course), starting off our holiday with a few days at my aunt's house in Glenwood, Maryland. She lives very close to Washington, DC, so we spent the day in the nation's capital. We took a bus tour - the kind where you can get on and off the bus at your own pace in any number of different spots. It even had an open top, so you could really see the sites!

The Capital Building

The Washington Monument (it's not crooked in real life. I'm the crooked one.)

reflection of the Washington monument in the Vietnam War Memorial

a squirrel taking a drink on the mall (near the war memorials)

We had a really good time there, and it was even better to get to see my aunt (she's a great cook and host!) and most of her family again. It's been too many years to count since I've seen them.

We did a lot of things this vacation, but it seemed very relaxed.

The Kinzua Bridge

Hills Creek State Park (the fall colors were fabulous this year!!)

punkins punkins everywhere!

Alpaca yarn from Cinco C's

The yarn above is SO soft and SO yummy and SO luscious. It's the first time I've ever worked with alpaca (I think?), and I am hooked. I wish there was an alpaca farm near me here that I could go visit. And volunteer! Just so I can be near this yummylicious yarn.  

I've made mittens from that yarn, by the way. I'll save that for another post.

Another post idea on the list. Let's hope I show it to you!