Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another hooking project...

Hi folks! Having a good week? No complaints here so far! Ludi’s computer is working again, which makes him happy. And that makes me happy too. We had ordered a new one for him (a used one, but new to us!) because his old one was quite slow and couldn’t be updated/upgraded anymore. It was still working though, so we weren’t in a huge hurry to replace it. But of course, as soon as we completed the transaction for a replacement, it decided to throw a temper tantrum and stop working. We tried everything we could think of doing (for days!), and nothing would get that thing to start back up correctly.  When The Replacement finally arrived, it was not what we had ordered. Fast forward a week, through an angry email, and two phone calls, the missing parts were finally delivered and we could get back on track. (Note to self: NEVER use that company again! We actually still have to make another phone call or email to them, because things STILL aren’t right. Grrrr. I hate poor customer service.) Anyways, things are going OK now on the computer front. phew!

On the crafts front, I can finally show everyone the scarf I made for Mom. It’s been delivered now, so I can’t spoil the surprise anymore.

 Mom’s scarf

It’s black really thick yarn (Lion Brand Wool-Ease) for the scarf itself, and a yellow-green wool for the flowers (she picked that one out). It was fun to make! The scarf came together really fast. I got the pattern from Lion Brand Yarn’s website (linky here). The flowers I found all over the internet. It was great to be able to make all sorts of flowers too! Hopefully I didn’t go overboard with the flowers... I hear that Old Man Winter is still tearing up the East Coast in the USA, so maybe Mom will still be able to get some wear out of it this year!

Speaking of Old Man Winter, I heard from Mom that in Coudersport they have had 68.9 inches of snow since October. Holy igloos, Batman!  The average is only 58.6 inches, and the record is ... well, I can't find the record snowfall amount for one season. But I just want it to snow about 3.2 inches more, so we can say they had over 6 feet of snow!!! Ha! How horrifying.

I'll see you again soon!

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