Sunday, March 7, 2010

SUNsational Sunday

It is a beautiful day here in Maastricht. The sun is shining brightly, and the skies are wonderfully clear. It's still cold, but it's just gorgeous. Makes me wish my windows were washed. And everything else. I am getting the itch for Spring Cleaning. Wash the outside of the windows, scrub the front stoop/walk, clean from the ceiling to the floors inside, organize things in the basement. Does anyone else get this feeling at spring?

I've also finished another crochet project! Woohoo! What a great feeling to finish a project. It takes me forever to finish anything because I have so many WIPs (works in progress). But here's the latest.

Granny Spiral Pillow

I made a pillow! The front is granny spirals (pattern found here), and the back is a crazy easy ripple pattern from Lion Brand (pattern here). I really love their website, by the way. It has so many great patterns! And free, at that!

the back

There's the back. I really like it too. I had to modify the pattern a little to make it fit for a pillow (I didn't do double rows of color. The pillow is too small for that, I think?). Maybe eventually I'll make a whole blanket like this though. I like it! But first finish the projects I already have going...

It matches my previously made blanket

So that's what I've got going on here. What's going on there?

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