Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Saturday Night

Did we go out to dinner? No...

Did we go see a movie? No...

Did we watch a fabulous show on tv? No...

I made fudge!

basic ingredients

Marshmallow Creme Fudge, to be exact. The same fudge we've been making in our house since... well, since the dawn of TIME! I am so happy that I can get Fluff here. I'm sure the good people of The Netherlands don't really "get" the sticky white treat, and have probably never even imagined a Fluffer-Nutter sandwich. But my local grocery store stocks it, and that thrills me to bits.

Normally Fudge is a Christmas treat. It makes such a giant batch that once a year is enough. (Because if you only MAKE one batch a year, then you only EAT one batch a year... get it?) But really, it's simple and fast enough to make any time of year! And what better occasion than to say "Thanks!" to all the teachers and co-workers at my school for helping me to learn Dutch and pass all of my exams for the required immigration courses.

 bubbly goodness

There is something about the smell of cooking this mixture. The sugar, butter and evaporated milk. Such a buttery creamy goodness. Smells so good it hurts.

finished product

Wanna piece? There's hardly any calories at all.


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