Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hi! Did everyone have a good weekend? I think it was quite a snowy one for a lot of you! I spent many an hour looking at the pictures of all of the snow in the Washington, DC area. It was so very pretty, but I cannot imagine getting that much snow all at once. I hope you all made it through it OK! On top of the snowfall, it was SuperBowl weekend! Since the Steelers weren't playing in it this year, I didn't stay awake till 5am to watch it. Plus I really only ever watch for the commercials, and they don't show those here, so what's the point?

It was a sort of nervous weekend for me. I had to take a test on Monday, part of the language courses I'm taking here. Thankfully this is the last test I will have to take for them. Unless I didn't pass, that is. (Oh man, I hope I passed!!!)

I had planned on telling you all about my language courses, but... it's just way too long. (And my posts are long enough, I think!) Just suffice it to say that they teach us language and how to interact in Dutch society (and a little Dutch history too). There are four parts to the courses to pass in order to get the diploma. I took 3 of the tests in October (passed them all! yay!!!), and had the final one Monday. If I passed it, then I finally get my diploma and can stop worrying about tests. Man, they're terrible on my nerves! I'll let you know the results when I get them.

Since we were parked at a mall on Monday (the test was in Eindhoven, which is an hour's drive away from where we live), we did a little shopping after my test. There were Apple stores to go into! Two, even! YES! Love them Apple stores! Even if we can't afford much of anything in there, it sure is really nice to go in and drool over the gigantic monitors. They do not have any of those nifty iPads here in the Netherlands yet, so we didn't get to fondle one yet. But I'm sure we will soon!

One thing I could afford was some Cool Feet for my laptop.
I got this from their website

They're little suction cup things that you can attach to the bottom of the laptop, to keep it elevated and keep air circulating to keep the machine a little cooler. Plus they help to tilt the keyboard a little bit, so it's a little easier on your wrists. Cool, huh? I'm liking them!

I know that some of the East Coast is supposed to get more snow today and tomorrow, so I hope you stay safe. Enjoy it from inside!

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