Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Still addicted

Man, addiction is hard to kick, isn't it?

I should be cleaning, but I knit. I need to make dinner, but all I want to do is knit!

I eat, breathe and sleep knitting! It's an illness. Is there a 12-step program for knitters? Knitter Anonymous or something? I pretty sure I need it!

This is what I've been obsessed with working on lately.

red and white mittens

They are Smittens, by Knit Picks (linky). They're so cute, and so quick to make. Though, perhaps they're quick to make since I've made like 20 of them by now? I just might make enough of them to cover a whole tree! But the plan is to make enough to cover a wreath, an average sized wreath. The mittens in the picture above are for my mom, so I'd better get working on my own if I want to have them for this Christmas!

But I have another distraction, that keeps me from making tons of mittens.

squishy yarny fun!

The Hexipuff. I found the pattern on Ravelry just last week, and already I am obSESsed. The designer, Tiny Owl Knits actually made a whole blanket/quilt out of them, The BeeKeeper's Quilt. Go ahead and take a look.

I'll wait.

Isn't it great?! I just love it. I don't know that I'll be able to make that many, but who knows what I can accomplish in a year? These are just as easy to fit in between projects as the mittens! Now I NEVER have to be without SOMEthing to knit!!!


There are a few other things in my brain wanting to be knitted too. A scarf/shawl thing, the socks I'm finishing up now, popcorn garland, a new baby blanket (for my cousin)...

so many projects.

So little yarn.


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