Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I think Hurricane Irene visited us yesterday and last night. Well, what’s left of her anyways. The low pressure system in our area made it really really windy here all day. Doors were slamming all on their own, and the howling coming from the windows made me think it was a blizzard out there instead of just a little rain. Luckily we didn’t have much rain to soak the ground, so I think most trees stayed upright. Further north in the country they had more rain. Bands of it. Just like a hurricane. Hopefully there wasn’t much damage.

After listening to the wind blowing all night long, I can’t imagine what living through an actual hurricane must be like. It wasn’t “scary windy” here, but sometimes I wondered if the things on my balcony were going to stay where they were supposed to. It’s hard to imagine wind so strong that it moves cars. Now that would be scary.

It's been cooler here the past few days. Fall is coming. Is everyone ready? We didn’t have much of a summer here, but I am still looking forward to that chill in the air. Wearing sweaters, scarves, mittens. Seeing my breath. Smelling the dead and dried up leaves on the ground, oh! and crunching through those leaves too! Gosh, I love doing that. Still.

I’m such a child.

Or more like immature?

Well, whatever I am, charmingly child-like or just plain goofy, I am looking forward to the coming weather. I’ve also started thinking of Christmas gifts that can be handmade. And planning how I’m going to decorate this year. I like to change things up each year, rather than do the exact same thing year after year after year. Sometimes I make new decorations (or buy them), sometimes I use the old ones in new ways. I’ve been working on some mittens for decorations since... forever. I can’t even remember when I started them. March, maybe? I will have plenty of them I am sure. I’ll be sure to show them to you when they’re ready. They’re so cute! I just love them, and they’re so quick! Whenever I am between projects, I whip up another mitten.

I’m still working on that little addiction problem.

Do you look forward to the end of summer too?


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