Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Do List

Now that I'm on "vacation", I have loads of time on my hands.

I like to say that I'm on vacation, rather than saying I'm unemployed. It's less traumatic.

When I realized I wouldn't have to go to work every day, I almost immediately began compiling a list of things I could do around the house that I haven't really had time to do (or the desire, either!).

I could:
  • clean - in addition to the normal dusting and vacuuming, the kitchen hasn't been thoroughly cleaned in quite a while. Neither have the floors in our entry and bedroom. Oh, and the mini-blinds everywhere.
  • organize the living room closet - it's become a dumping spot for a bunch of things that we don't know where to put. It's not quite to the point where things fall off shelves if you open the door, but it's almost there. Definitely need to make time for this!
  • organize the closet in the Mac Room - it's worse than the living room closet.
  • visit the farmer's market again - more tulips, please?
  • knitting/hooking time - yippee!!! LOVE that I have more time for my obsession hobby now.
  • read - I think there are 3 books on the shelves that I haven't had time to read yet. Now is the time, right? That is, if I can put down my knitting needles...
  • sew something - I've been meaning to borrow Ludi's mother's sewing machine. I used to sew often, and I miss having my own machine. I could make some shading curtains for our balcony (it gets WAAAY too hot in the summer to enjoy sitting out there), or some pillows...I've also wanted to try quilting for a while. I could think of a million things to sew. And so many cute ideas online.
  • Study more Dutch - I need to get my Dutch to a higher level in order to find a better job, so I need to make time for this, huh? Read Dutch books, watch Dutch tv, find lessons online, something. Anything!
My options are limitless, almost. Time enough for everything.

I would rather have a job to go to, and get paid for, though.

Maybe I could sell some of my finished knitting and crocheting projects. So many people make things and sell them online, why can't I be one of those folks? I look through etsy.com all the time and think to myself "I could make that!". There are some gorgeous things on there that I probably could never come close to producing. But there are also some on the other end of the spectrum, and some nice things in between. What do you think? Would anyone buy any of the things I've posted here? And what about copyright? I do not make up my own patterns, for the most part. Would I be allowed, legally, to sell these things? I will have to do some research on that.

I also have more time to blog now. Aren't you glad for that?

Now to start that list...

let's start with bullet #5.


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    Pam said...

    That's why I always called it "FUN-employment" instead. Sounds much happier!