Thursday, April 7, 2011

Knitting update

As promised, I am here to give you an update on my latest obsession, knitting.

I have been knitting a lot the past month or so. I have finished the baby blanket, picked out new projects to make, and practiced more advanced stitches. It's amazing how focused I am on becoming a more skilled knitter.

It's too bad I can't put that much effort into getting my Dutch driver's license, or getting more comfortable riding my bike (like everyone else in this country - they really make it look so effortless and easy. Why can't I be like that?! Perhaps they're born on bicycles?).

Here is a picture of my finished baby blanket.

26 x 30 inches (66 x 76 cm)

made with 3 skeins Rico Baby Classic DK (color 002 creme) - oh so soft

It didn't turn out too bad for my first project. My tension wasn't fantastic from beginning to end (a little loose in the beginning), but I think that can be fixed with blocking. And I wish I'd made it a little bigger. I actually started this project twice. The first time I made it a little too wide, I was having trouble keeping all the stitches on the needles. I think I went too far though after I restarted it, and made it a few inches too short. Oh well! It's still soft as heaven. I'm sure a baby somewhere would love to snuggle up with it.

My next project will be the Martha Stewart fingerless mittens. I did some practice work on the thumb for this, since I'd never done one and didn't want to screw up an actual one. While reading the pattern, I was a little confused too. Since they usually make more sense when you have the knitting right there in front of you, I decided to try with scrap yarn first. Here's how it turned out.

thumbs up!

Not bad, huh? I was worried that I would have trouble with it, but it worked out almost perfectly.

I wish I could tell you this was my first try. It wasn't. But it was just my second. After failing miserably on my first attempt (holes on both sides of the thumb the size of a house), I looked up some videos online (found here). This helped immensely, and you can see the results. No holes! Now I can't wait to start the actual mitts.

Man, I am loving knitting.  I'm actually a little glad to be unemployed right now so I can have more time to knit! Bring on the more advanced stuff! Cables! Nordic mittens! Sweaters/Cardigans!

Bring it on.


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