Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It feels like Friday.

But it's Wednesday!

I suppose it is because I am now on vacation. yay! Well, just a little one. The company I work for is on The Netherlands' version of Spring Break now. Normally the office people (I am one of the Office People) would stay there and continue working while the students are off. But this time the big boss said we were all off.

YES SIR! He didn't need to tell us twice!

Well, actually he did, because we weren't sure we understood correctly. But we did, and we're now off. For a week and a half. About. My next day back is March 15th. NICE.

I'm going to enjoy it, I think! I have plans. I am going to do some spring cleaning. The kitchen and bathroom really need a deep cleaning. Wouldn't it be great if the weather would cooperate and it would get a little bit warm, so I could open the windows and get some fresh air in? I'm pretty sure I won't be quite that lucky. Just some sun will be enough!

I also plan to do some hooking. Of course. Oh, and I have a new hobby/addiction:

my first knitting stitches 

I've been wanting to learn how to knit for a while now, ever since I started hooking. I decided this was the year to learn it. I've started my first project too! I'll take some photos when the sun comes out and show you.

It was only a matter of time, right? Before I made the jump from crochet to knitting? And then the jump to a yarn stash so big I could open my own shop.

hee hee, just kidding, Ludi.

or am I??????


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