Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First ever post!!!

Is it spring yet?

Hello all! Welcome to my first ever post to the blogging world. For a long time, I thought blogging wasn't for me. What do I have to say that the general public might want to hear/read? But lately I've read so many great blogs that I figured I might give it a shot. I'm sure that I won't be winning any awards, but hopefully I'll be able to use it to keep friends and family updated, since I am TERRible at keeping up with people. Just awful. My apologies to anyone ignored involved.

I'm sure there won't be daily posts (who has that kind of time, unless it's their job?), but hopefully it'll be often enough to keep you interested. Hopefully the content will be enough to keep you interested too! News of Dutch life, crafty things I'm working on, a rant here and there I'm sure, and probably a lot of "I miss America!"

See you all soon!

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