Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tomorrow is Turkey Thursday!!!!!!

Oh my gosh, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Bring on the turkey! The stuffing! The mashed potatoes! The gravy! The parade!

Bring on the bloated, too-stuffed-to-move feeling, too.

Netherlands doesn't have a Thanksgiving, but we'll do a little mini-dinner on Sunday with Ludi's parents. I'm only making a turkey breast. Some people here seem to think that a whole turkey is too much. Ha, I say to them.

They've no idea how much turkey I can eat.

Regardless of my abilities to devour tons of the stuff, we're not doing a whole turkey. It'll still be delicious, I'm sure! Will the weather be decent enough where you are to start putting up lights outside over the weekend? We used to do that in my house. Decorate outside this weekend before it got too cold to be out there comfortably. Anyone else do that? Or do you just leave the lights up all year round? *wink*

We were having nice weather here last week. We've had a pretty decent fall this year. We had some rain, but there were some glorious days too. The colors of the leaves were fantastic. The trees in the neighborhood park were so pretty I stopped and stared a few times. I'm pretty sure the other people walking around the park thought I was goofy. But then again, I think they always think I'm goofy.

Goofy American.

There was a tree that I could see from our dining room window that was the same bright yellow. This picture barely does it justice.

late season fall color

The tree is on the street behind us, so I could only see the top of it. But when the sun hit it just right, the thing just glowed. (See? Terrible picture. That's not even close to glowing.) I enjoyed it for about a week before the leaves finally started falling. I'm not sure what kind of tree it was, but they stuck around for quite a while before finally giving up the fight.

And now it's all gray and cold and the leaves are gone. It's barely 4 and it's too dark to knit without a light on. How sad is that? Remember when it was light out at 10:00 p.m.? Yeah.

That's alright. Christmas lights show up better in the dark. tee hee!!!

I hope that everyone enjoys their turkey tomorrow! And get that decorating started!


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