Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a spring shawl

It's done!

The one I started a few weeks ago. This one?

the beginnings

Now it's done! My fancy schmancy lacy shawl is done! Wanna see it?


Isn't it pretty all pinned, and stretched tight so that the points actually come to a point? Wanna see those closer?

purrrdy, ain't she?

Here's the pattern link again, if you're interested (it's the Ashton Shawlette on Ravelry). I made it a little larger than the pattern called for (it gives instructions how to do that). It ended up being almost 200cm x 100cm. Sounds huge, doesn't it? I could have blocked it even larger, I think, but I didn't push it.

I like how it turned out. I wish I were more of a shawl wearing kind of gal, but I'm going to try to wear it at some point anyways. I put too much work into it not to. It didn't hold the points when I unpinned it though. It's 90% acrylic yarn, and acrylic yarn doesn't block very well. I would have had to add starch to it or something. That would have taken away the lovely squishy softness though. So I'll live with it not being all pointy at the bottom.

It really is a shame that I'm not much of a shawl wearing kind of gal. Cuz I'd really like to make another one. A different pattern, but more shawls.

Are any of you shawl wearing kind of gals?

Would you like a shawl?

Can I knit you one?


I so love knitting.


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Gayle said...

Beautiful. Getting closer to finishing Tori's sweater but still a ways to go.