Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Sinterklaas Kapoentje,
Leg wat in mijn schoentje,
Leg wat in mijn laarsje,
Dank je Sinterklaasje!

Sinterklaas visited yesterday! He left us chocolate letters in our shoes (sorta!).

 who doesn't love chocolate?

A milk chocolate for Ludi, and a milk chocolate with hazelnuts for me. How does Sint know? How does he know our favorites? It's magic, isn't it?

Sint (aka Ludi) also left these in my shoe

left it small - too extreme close up - yikes

Magnifying glasses. So I can crochet little tiny snowflakes. Yay! It's my dream to make this:

photo courtesy Martha Stewart.com

a garland of crocheted snowflakes. I want it to be in that tiny fine thread, but it was so hard to make them, with my aging eyes. These glasses will help immensely with that! So I love them, even if they do make me feel/look like Granny.

Did Sint leave anything in your schoentje?


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