Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vacation 2011

We’re on vacaaaaaayshun... we’re on vacaaaaaayshun! Yay!

I wasn’t sure about posting the fact that we’re on a trip in my blog. I mean, I hear/read stories about people who post stuff like that online, and when they get home their entire house has been emptied of it’s contents. But not enough people read my blog right now to worry about it. Plus, I think the ones who read it are not even on the same continent as where I live so it’s even less of a chance of happening. Right? eeks, I hope so!

Vacation is great (it started a little iffy - the airline/airport lost our luggage! But we got it that same night, so no harm, no foul.). It is so great to be back home. I finally get to see Mom’s new floor in person! She took up the decades old carpet in the living room and the same age vinyl in the kitchen and replaced it with a hardwood look-a-like, and it’s fabulous!

Brazilian Cherry

I’m scared of scratching/scuffing it, but it looks great! It makes me want some in my apartment too!

I’m also doing more crafty stuff here. I don’t have a sewing machine at home, so I am taking advantage of the one here and making some quilted coasters (pattern found at, of course!).

quick and easy and fun to make! 
There is a quilt/fabric shop in town, and we went there to get some supplies for my crafty endeavors. I was drooling over the fabric, and also their quilting machine. A long arm quilter. Oh. My. Gosh. I wish I could move back to here just so I can get to use this machine. I’m going to try to go back there and take some pictures for my reader(s), and hopefully see it in action!

oooh, I hope that happens. *hyperventilate*

We’ve done some shopping, some cooking on the grill, some visiting... and also watching it rain. It hasn’t really stopped since we got here. And it’s showing no signs of stopping, unfortunately.

Who needs sun, right? It just gives you sunburns and wrinkles.

It’s been the wettest year ever here, I think. In our region anyways. In the mid-south (Texas) they’re having extreme droughts. It’s strange that their neighbors, in the Missisippi Valley, they’re having the worst flooding they’ve had in years. Can’t they just ship a little of their water to Texas, and then everyone would be happy? Hook up a hose or something? Sump pump?

No? Not possible you say? Oh well, I tried.

It’s also very very dry in Europe. Go Go Global Warming.

This weekend a friend is coming up to camp and see the PA Grand Canyon. I hope it’s not too wet to enjoy! It will be a good time anyways, showing someone around my home town and the surrounding area.

In a few days we are traveling to Pittsburgh to visit the city where I lived for 16 years before moving to The Netherlands. It’ll be nice to be back in the Burgh again, and I’ll get to see friends there too. That’s always a good time! Really looking forward to it.

I hope the weather is more friendly where you are. I’ll see you soon!


NOTE: I still would like to know if you read my blog! If you could leave a comment, that would be fantastic. I’m trying to see if this is worth doing, or if I should just do a letter to my Mom each week. Let me know you stopped by, and what else you’d like to see here!  Thanks!!!

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