Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekend purchase

I am so excited! I have flowers on my balcony this year!

ooh! pretties!

They go by many names. Cape Marigold. African Daisy. Rain Daisy. Spaanse Margriet. I just call them pretty!

two of these in the pot

These have white petals that are a really dark purple in the center. When the flowers are just opening (like the one to the left), the petals seem edged in silver. Just gorgeous!

one of these in the pot

This one starts off white, and then gets a purply blush to them. LOVEly!

I am loving my flowers. I keep peeking out the window through the closed blind to see them. Make sure they're ok. Ha ha! And they were so inexpensive that if my black thumbs happen to not do their best with them, then I haven't wasted much of anything. The care instructions on the pot said they'd do well in sun and also part shade, so I'm hoping they'll be okay on the balcony. I don't consider it to be "full sun" there, because it's covered, but it does get sun. There's a glass wall (a security wall, really, because we're on the ground floor), and when the sun is shining on that all day long, it gets quite hot there. Hopefully they'll be alright. I'll have to water them often, I'm sure, but I can do that!

Wish me luck!

Have a great day!!


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