Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Wishes

I can't keep track of all of the birthdays that are in April in my world. Cousins, uncles, friends, my sister. April is CRAZY with birthdays! So here is one big birthday wish for everyone with their day in April:

make a wish...

Today was another one of MY Days. I was off work, but that doesn't mean that I've been lazing around enjoying the nice weather. Unfortunately. I would love to walk around the neighborhood and take pictures of all the blooming things for you all to see, but that wasn't meant to be. I've been cleaning! And baking (I made snickerdoodles for the first time ever. Yummy!). And shopping. And now blogging. How has your day been?

MY Days might be a thing of the past soon. There have been some staffing changes at work, and I am trying to get more hours. I like my days off, and being part time, but hey...let's get real here. One cannot live on MY days alone. Someone's got to support my yarn and tulip habit, you know. ;)

I hope you all have a great day, and I promise I'll post some more pictures from our Germany trip soon.


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