Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Windowsills

I'm a little late this year doing my fall decorating. We went on a long-weekend trip in the middle of the month, so I think I was just putting everything off until after that. Plus fall seemed to come a little late here. The leaves were very slow to change, and the neighbors across the street still has flowers on their balcony, so I'm a little off-kilter.

Now that fall is in full-swing, I've done my windowsill decorating for the season.

by the kitchen window

I looked at the garden center first for small pumpkins and gourds, but they were OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. €4.99 for a medium sized gourd.

I passed on those.

by the Mac Room window

Then we went to the place we've gone the past two years. A little road-side shop in Belgium. I got 6 medium gourds for the same price as the big box garden center. The overwhelming cow smell was thrown in, free-of-charge.

Generous Belgians.


The leaves, acorns and hazelnuts were gathered in various areas. Also free (minus the odors)! You'd never really know I live in a city, huh?

It's hard to believe it's almost Halloween. Time is just flying. Soon it will be snowing.

eeeeeeeee! *squeals in happiness*


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